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Quality Management


Quexx International Ltd. is one of the most experienced and reputable Quality Management consultants in British Columbia, Canada. Since 1991 we designed numerous project-specific Quality Management Systems for the diverse range of Clients on four continents.

Our comprehensive Quality Management support for major construction, industrial and infrastructure projects includes simple but effective Quality Control and Quality Assurance solutions designed to suit contractual and regulatory requirements, business environment and available resources.

QUEXX brings extensive hands-on experience in lean methodologies of Quality Management. We also offer comprehensive range of training programs. Our portfolio of educational seminars designed to suit all levels of personnel offers lectures guaranteed to familiarize attendees with the most progressive, world-class trends and solutions in Quality Management.

Our business strategy is simple:
1) Engage industry experts, with world-class experience.

2) Focus on specific and unique needs of clients.

3) Offer support to all levels of management.

Our professional reputation is recognized by our clients who have benefited from our extensive experience and sound advice.

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