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Quexx International Ltd. is one of the oldest and most experienced Quality Management consultants in British Columbia, Canada. For 24 years we continue to provide domestic and international clients with unparalleled assistance in their pursuit of excellence, reliable professional advice, hands-on assistance and effective management support.



Consulting and Training

Our consulting and training services are always delivered at a level tailored to suit your needs and your unique work environment. We offer training suitable for all employees, from the company senior management to the individual employee levels. Our training is conveniently performed in-house, over the Internet or at the suitable location near your premises, with minimum disruption to your operations. Quexx International ltd. Cruise-and-Learn™ 2017 Program offers a selection of professional presentations delivered during carefully selected cruises to exciting destinations. Cruise-and-Learn™ experience is designed not only to leave their attendees with some very special personal memories but to stimulate also the most progressive professional minds. Select training to suit your specific professional needs, choose your favourite destination and pick perfect time for your Cruise-and-Learn™ vacations.

Business Support Services

Extensive range of  Quality Management, Quality Assurance and Quality Control services combined with our professional experience constitute a comprehensive suite of business support tools designed to respond to any challenge of our clients in the area of our expertise.  Quexx QA/QC professional resources will assist your every-day operations and address your temporary or permanent needs for qualified Quality Inspectors or Engineers. Our personnel will help you to meet critical deadlines and respond to the expectations of your customers. We will design effective standard operating procedures, protocols and forms, and generate and maintain necessary records. We will research, implement, verify and validate processes, perform internal audits of your quality system, witness inspection and testing in your behalf, inspect your products against defined acceptance criteria, communicate with your suppliers and subcontractors, fulfill the role of Quality Representative when dealing with your suppliers, customers and regulatory bodies, professionally investigate quality problems, advise and implement effective solutions, and more…

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