Project Quality Mgmt

Project Mgr

Project-specific Quality Management Systems (QMS)

Increasing global competitiveness requires that the company must focus on the value-added processes. We believe that properly designed and implemented Quality Management System (QMS) should, whenever possible, result in doing more with less, and running business working smarter not harder.


QUEXX assistance in quality system development and implementation process is based on many years of hands-on assistance provided to our Clients in the construction, service, research and development and manufacturing/fabrication environments. Implementation of quality system usually creates unique opportunity to review and to improve also other related practices. As we progress with the development of your quality system we will share improvement suggestions with your management. QUEXX consultants will guide your management team through the range of available options which our extensive experience can provide.

Project-specific Quality Management Systems usually require some general alignment and compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 International Standard. We believe that properly designed Quality Management System should be simple, practical, and fit working environment and budgetary constraints of the Project. While ensuring the required quality of provided services and complying with contractual requirements it should also utilize fully available resources, and protect interests of our client at all stages of the Project. Performance and compliance of project-specific Quality Management Systems with contractual, regulatory and statutory requirements is usually monitored and evaluated by the QA representatives or third-party auditors authorized by the Client.

Quexx assistance in the project-specific Quality Management activities may include, but is not limited to:
– Role of Quality Representative (e.g. Project Quality Manager, Quality Director, etc.)
– Design and implementation of project-compliant Quality Management System
– Documented procedures and forms for all key project activities
– Promotion of implemented QA/QC techniques and related training
– Monitoring of effectiveness of implemented QA/QC measures
– Effective Corrective/Preventive action (CAPA/NCR)
– Periodic review of the quality system (Internal Audits)
– Continual improvement activities
– Planning of QA/QC activities (ITPs, Quality Plans, etc.)
– Reporting to the Client and, where required, Regulatory Bodies and other Third Parties
– Acting as a liaison on quality-related matters, and more…

Engaging services of professional consultant, initiation of formal Quality Management System development program and your gradual progress towards ISO9001 certification may give you the required level of confidence necessary to close a profitable deal. Perhaps you need to address some nagging quality problems which require immediate implementation of selected elements of the Quality Management System. We will respond with a cost-effective Quality Management System development and implementation program which will address your particular needs and will fit your budget.

Quexx International Ltd. consultants are dedicated to providing you with exceptional quality services. Extensive experience and expertise of our consultants offers training and consulting services tailored to suit your needs and your unique work environment.