Cruise-and-Learn™ Steps

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Cruise-and-Learn™ Steps

Cruise-and-Learn™ Program is a source of diverse, high quality, training programs designed to promote the most effective, world-class, business management techniques. Our management training is focused on real-life practical tools and solutions that suit the toolbox of any effective manager.

Quexx Cruise-and-Learn™ Program’s Outline reflects carefully selected educational sessions designed to share our consultants’ vast knowledge and life-time experience that applies to the broad range of industry, academia, public institutions, and service sectors.

The Steps
Follow the steps below to participate in the Cruise-and-Learn™ Program presentations:

Step Activity
1 Explore our, Cruise-and-Learn™ Program Familiarize with Quexx International Ltd. Cruise-and-Learn™ Terms and Conditions.
2 Select your preferred Cruise-and-Learn package, register: see the Cruise-and-Learn™ Training Program Registration form, and pay Tuition Fees (confirmation and receipt are issued upon the receipt of payment).
3 You will be contacted by the Travel Agent who will discuss with you your cruise, travel and accommodation preferences, and provide a draft outline of travel arrangements reserved for you.
4 Carefully review your personal and travel-related information. Confirm the accuracy of information reflected on the proposed cruise, travel, accommodation and other, related arrangements, and inform your Travel Agent about required corrections, if any.

Note: It is important that you ALWAYS review and verify supplied information very carefully at all stages of the travel and training reservation process. Please carefully check the spelling of passengers’ names, dates of birth, passport numbers, and other personal details, and let us know immediately if you’ve noticed any errors or believe corrections may be necessary. It may be very difficult to change information at later stages of travel reservation process, extra fees may be required, your travel may need to be changed, etc. Please note also that your passport must be valid at least 6 months after your return date.

5 Receive formal confirmation of agreed travel arrangements.
6 Make the required deposit for the cruise and other related arrangements. NOTE: Quexx offers competitive travel packages which include costs of the cruise and related air travel, transfers, travel insurance, required accommodation, and other travel-related arrangements that benefit from the buying power and exclusive reservations secured by Expedia® CruiseShipCenters®.
7 Make final payment and receive final confirmation (approximately 3 months prior to the departure).
8 Receive complete set of documents related to your travel approximately 1 month prior to the departure).
BON VOYAGE! Enjoy the cruise! Explore the world! Expand your horizons!
9 Give us feedback following your Cruise-and-Learn™ adventure.

 Terms and Conditions
Unless specified otherwise, the following Terms and Conditions apply to this Offer: Re. Training Program: Quexx International Ltd. Cruise-and-Learn™ Terms and Conditions Re. Cruise: Terms and Conditions of the Cruise Line and/or Expedia CruiseShipCenters®, as applicable

Training Program Registration Application
Registration is limited. See the Cruise-and-Learn™ Training Program Registration.

Tuition Fee Payment
The CAD$300 / Participant Tuition Fee (or CAD$500/2persons, where applicable) can be paid as follows:

  • PayPal, or
  • Bank Transfer to Quexx International Ltd., The Bank of Nova Scotia, 465 North Rd., Coquitlam, B.C. Canada, V3K 3V9, Ph: 1 (604) 933-3322, Account No. 60020 002 0656410, or
  • Cheque addressed to “Quexx International Ltd.” and posted to Quexx International Ltd., 412 – 301 Maude Rd, Port Moody, B.C., Canada, V3H 5B1 (please provide the name of the Registrant in the comment line)

We are committed to safeguard your privacy. We need your consent to continue to keep you informed. Please express your consent, by sending us an e-mail with the word “OK” in the “subject” line to be listed in our secure database to receive newsletters and travel offers related to Quexx International Ltd. Cruise-and-Learn™ Program. If you wish to no longer receive communications from us, please send us an e-mail or click “reply” with the word “unsubscribe” in the “subject” line.

If you have any questions please click any blue hypertext links for more details or contact Quexx International Ltd. Call: 604-728-3373 or 604-469-6002, Fax: 604-469-6070 or E-mail: or

We are continuously researching market trends and expanding our Cruise-and-Learn™ Program. Agreements with the leading industry professionals, academics, consultants, and presenters give us the unique privilege to explore secrets of their experience and expertise and to access their newest initiatives. Although we always strive to deliver our programs “as offered or better,” last-minute changes may occur. Quexx reserves the right to proceed at our discretion with these changes to the best of our ability and in the best interest of Cruise-and-Learn™ Program participants.

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