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QUEXX International Ltd. is a management consulting company specializing in design and implementation of advanced Quality Management Systems.

Since 1991 we have provided professional support for Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities for complex construction projects and have designed expert Quality Management systems for the diverse manufacturing and customer service applications of Clients on four continents. QUEXX brings world-class expertise and extensive hands-on experience in Quality Management, supported with a comprehensive range of training programs designed to suit all levels of personnel.

Our portfolio of educational seminars offers a selection of meticulously prepared lectures guaranteed to familiarize attendees with the most progressive, world-class trends and solutions in Quality Management, which compliment the scope of professional management support services that combine effective solutions with regulatory compliance required by major projects.

Qualifications of Quexx International Ltd. consultants are recognized by professional organizations. Our professional reputation (see our profile on LinkedIn) is valued by our clients who have benefited from our extensive experience, sound advice, and user-friendly training that has been tailored to suit their specific needs.

The training programs offered by QUEXX are designed to boost your professional knowledge with the most up-to-date education that will stimulate and nourish your ideas, leading to improved business performance and simple, yet effective management, solutions to suit your company’s strategies and business objectives.

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