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QUEXX International Ltd. is a management consulting company specializing in design and implementation of advanced Quality Management Systems.

For over 26 years we have provided professional support for Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities for complex construction projects and have designed expert Quality Management systems for the diverse manufacturing and customer service applications of Clients on four continents. QUEXX brings world-class expertise and extensive hands-on experience in Quality Management, supported with a comprehensive range of training programs designed to suit all levels of personnel.

Our portfolio of educational seminars offers a selection of meticulously prepared lectures guaranteed to familiarize attendees with the most progressive, world-class trends and solutions in Quality Management, which compliment the scope of professional management support services that combine effective solutions with regulatory compliance required by major projects.

Qualifications of Quexx International Ltd. consultants are recognized by professional organizations. Our professional reputation (see our profile on LinkedIn) is valued by our clients who have benefited from our extensive experience, sound advice, and user-friendly training that has been tailored to suit their specific needs.

The training programs offered by QUEXX are designed to boost your professional knowledge with the most up-to-date education that will stimulate and nourish your ideas, leading to improved business performance and simple, yet effective management, solutions to suit your company’s strategies and business objectives.

Cruise-and-Learn™ Program Responding to the needs of modern-days executive, QUEXX is pleased to offer unique opportunity to expand professional knowledge while, at the same time, offering all the comforts of luxurious and relaxing cruise to carefully selected holiday destinations.

Cruise. Relax. Learn. Benefit.
Experience quality of life, increased productivity, and professional growth. Enjoy lasting benefits of our programs. For more details click Cruise-and-Learn™ Program.

Training Program Registration
Registration is limited. To ensure your participation complete and submit Cruise-and-Learn™ Training Program Registration form and the required Tuition Fees.

Terms and Conditions
Unless specified otherwise, the following Terms and Conditions apply to this Offer:
Re. Training Program: Quexx International Ltd. Cruise-and-Learn™ Terms and Conditions
Re. Cruise: Terms and Conditions of the Cruise Line and/or Expedia CruiseShipCenters®, as applicable

If you have any questions please click any blue hypertext links for more details or contact Quexx International Ltd.Call: 604-728-3373 or 604-469-6002, Fax: 604-469-6070 or E-mail: cruise-and-learn@quexx.com.

We are continuously researching market trends and expanding our Cruise-and-Learn™ Program. Although we always strive to deliver our programs “as offered or better,” last-minute changes may occur. Quexx reserves the right to proceed at our discretion with these changes to the best of our ability and in the best interest of Cruise-and-Learn™ Program participants.

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