Internal Audits

Internal Audits (audits of implemented Quality Management System) provide information about the performance and status of compliance of Quality Management System. Planned and effective Internal Audits are the vital part of ISO 9001 compliance. Internal Audits are performed periodically to evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of Quality Management System and, according to the ISO 9001 Standard…”shall be carried out by personnel independent of those having direct responsibility for the activity being audited.”

Personnel performing Internal Audits must be intimately familiar with ISO 9001 requirements and their interpretation, and adequately trained in auditing (formal Auditor or Lead Auditor qualifications are optional but expected by many Registrars). Internal Audits may be also performed by an independent and properly qualified “third party” such as QUEXX. Our Auditors are formally certified and will perform professional audits of your Quality Management System in compliance with applicable standards and regulatory requirements. Professionally.  Objectively.  Efficiently.

Benefits of Internal Audits:
– Unbiased audit of the Quality Management System by professional auditors
– Compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, if any
– Evaluated effectiveness of the Quality Management System
– Defined foundations for Quality Management System improvement
– Flexibility to use Quexx services on “as needed” basis

Quality Audits
Effective Quality Audits are one of “standard” practices of Quality Management System. Periodic Quality Audits provide instant information about the quality of produced goods and/or delivered services. Our consultants are fully qualified Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) professionals with hands-on experience in quality verification / validation techniques used by broad range of industries. Our auditors will represent your interests and perform Quality Audits, witness QC activities in your behalf and perform QA tasks at remote locations as objectively, efficiently and effectively, as if these activities were performed by your own personnel.

Benefits of Quality Audits:
– Quality Audits conveniently performed on site by independent quality professionals
– Economical cost (no need for long-distance trips, travel costs, accommodation, daily allowance, rental car, etc.)
– Unbiased opinion and integrity of services
– Availability on “at call / as required” basis. Anytime. Anywhere.
– “your” dedicated representative at a far-away destination

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