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Management Support Services

Today competitive business environment and continuously evolving dynamics of projects rarely allow to employ adequate human resources at all levels of the organization. Additionally many projects suffer a shortage of qualified and knowledgeable personnel at all levels of Quality System management. These circumstances frequently result in mistakes usually visible at the more advanced stages of the projects, when they are most inconvenient and most costly.

Quexx Management Support Services are designed to address the challenges of Quality Management Systems, Operations Management and Business Development. We customize our services to suit specific needs of our clients, deliver them on time and help to achieve their business goals quickly, efficiently, effectively and economically. We share willingly our experience and expertise, work hand-in-hand with your team providing “on-demand” management support and unbiased advice based on our vast experience and expertise. We provided management support for the startup organizations.

Quality Management

We will custom design simple but effective Quality Management System (QMS) compliant with contractual and regulatory requirements, and provide experienced and qualified quality professional to conduct the function of professional Quality Management Representative who will  implement and maintain the organization’s QMS, meet customer expectations, and achieve defined quality objectives. Our quality management professionals have formal ISO 9001 Internal Auditor qualifications or are QMS certified Auditors. They are competent in all aspects of the Management Representative function which they will perform in full compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and equivalent standards. Personnel provided by Quexx can be engaged as a full-time, part-time or at-call resources. We will:

  • Ensure, if required, that the QMS is properly defined, implemented and maintained
  • Establish necessary procedures, related documentation and records
  • Report on the performance of QMS to the management
  • Identify opportunity for improvement and implement appropriate CAPA/NCR actions
  • Promote the awareness of QMS and customer requirements throughout the organization
  • Act as an authorized liaison (Quality Representative / Quality Manager) with external bodies and customers on matters relating to the quality system.
  • Ensure compliance of the implemented QMS with statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements

LEAN Operations Management

Properly organized Operations Management involves the responsibility of ensuring that business operations are effective and efficient in terms of delivering the required volume and quality when using as little resource as needed.  Our Operations experts will, where required:

  • design, implement and lead LEAN operations and related activities
  • perform general management duties: plant management, logistics,, purchasing, etc.
  • organize production of products and engage suitable service methodologies
  • manufacturing and production systems including production control,
  • lead supply chain operations and implement effective purchasing/procurement channels
  • introduce material planning, productivity analysis and cost control
  • implement effective and efficient Quality Management System
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