Quality Personnel

Quality Personnel

Many businesses are experiencing difficulties when implementing Quality Management Systems compliant with regulatory requirements. In particular, those who experience financial constrains will have to face uncomfortable demand for dedicated resources required to develop, implement and support properly functioning quality system. Initial workload associated with development and implementation of the quality system is usually temporary.   When properly implemented, quality management system requires significantly less resources for its on-going maintenance. It is also essential that the quality system implementation is planned in a way which gives priority to these functions which directly affect the revenue.

Even the most thoughtfully designed Quality Management System will require significant contribution by your own personnel.  The demand for additional resources is usually limited to the intense time of quality system development and implementation. Later, when quality system is fully operational, your personnel may be quite adequate to provide it with an ongoing and reliable support. Whatever is the status of your Quality Management System, we guarantee extensive experience of our personnel will help you to satisfy your business needs with minimum bureaucracy and maximum efficiency. Quexx staff will work very closely with your personnel to address the requirements of the Quality Management System.

“Quality Pro” Services
Full-time, highly skilled Quality Assurance personnel may represent an investment in human resources which highly competitive business simply cannot afford. Quexx “Quality Pro” services are designed to compliment fully-compliant Quality Management System with support services provided by qualified quality professionals, e.g. inspection (receiving, in-process, final), product validation/verification and testing, quality audits at the supplier or customer facility, document and data control, inspection equipment control, assistance in preparing of first-off articles submissions, assistance in preparation of competitive bids, complex contract review and negotiations, formal representation of quality management, research and preparation of procedures and Work Instructions, Internal Audits and Management Reviews, Supplier Assessments, witnessing inspection and testing at remote locations, etc.

Upon your request we will provide qualified personnel to assist in your every-day activities. We will respond to your needs with at-call or part-time personnel, as full-time employees or contractors for a specific project/job. We will work side-by-side with your personnel, your suppliers and customers, visit remote locations, telecommute, or work in any combination of the above.

Our Quality Management resources include:
– Qualified Internal Auditors (Quality System Audits)
– Quality Inspectors (Quality Inspection, Audits, Witnessing)
– Quality Assurance Engineers (Quality Planning and Performance)
– Quality Managers (Quality Management Representative)

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