Quality Manager

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Quality Manager (also known as “Quality Management Representative”, “Quality Representative” or “Management Representative”) is a member of management team with responsibility for the organization’s Quality Management System (QMS). Management Representative has the authority to implement and maintain the organization’s QMS in compliance with regulatory requirements and customer expectations, and to achieve defined quality objectives. Management Representative communicates with other members of management team, the customers, regulatory bodies and other interested parties on matters pertaining to quality.


Quality Manager is responsible for the design, implementing and effective operation of Quality Management System and ensure the required contractual and regulatory compliance and the quality of products and/or services. Quexx will provide qualified quality assurance professional who will be appointed as Management Representative, identified accordingly in the company’s organizational structure, and reflected appropriately in other elements of the Quality Management System in line with ISO9001 requirements. Our quality management professionals have formal ISO 9001 Internal Auditor qualifications or are QMS certified Auditors. They are competent in all aspects of the Management Representative function which they will perform in full compliance with the requirements of ISO 9001 and equivalent standards. Management Representative will:

  • Ensure, if required, that the QMS is properly defined, implemented and maintained
  • Establish necessary procedures, related documentation and records, in line with regulatory requirements and customer expectations
  • Report on the performance of QMS to the management
  • Identify opportunity for improvement and implement appropriate CAPA actions
  • Promote the awareness of QMS and customer requirements throughout the organization
  • Act as a liaison with external bodies and customers on matters relating to the organization’s quality system.

Although the actual scope of the Management Representative’s responsibility will vary as each organization has its own unique needs and expectations, the benefits of engaging services of Quexx Quality Assurance professional include:

  • QMS compliance ensured by highly-qualified, competent manager with extensive experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • QMS designed and optimized to ensure regulatory compliance and desired level of quality through effective procedures and efficient use of available resources
  • Advice provided by experienced executive, with authority to make strategic decisions and ability to interact with key decision-makers
  • Hands-on assistance in the day-to-day QA/QC activities and other QMS functions
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