Experience and expertise of QUEXX Consultants covers wide range of industries and technologies.




We help our clients providing professional services such as:

  • assessment and evaluation of their immediate and long-term QA/QC needs
  • assistance in research and formulating their Quality Policy and the principles of Quality Management System to suit unique requirements of each project
  • implementing simple but efficient Quality Management System, related procedures, Inspection and Test Plans, Work Methods, and related forms and records
  • aligning Project Management and Quality Management
  • promoting continuous improvement, reduce further waste and increase productivity
  • addressing customer complaints and enhancing customer service
  • and more…

Experience and Expertise:

Quality Assurance and Quality Control (Inspection, Witnessing, Supplier Assessments, Supplier Quality Monitoring).
Quality Management for organizations involved in Structural Engineering Design and implementation of Quality Management Systems, related procedures, documents and records.
Project-specific Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities, including Internal and External Audits.
Quality Representative responsible for ISO-9001-compliant Quality Management Systems for individual organizations and major projects.

Products and Industries:

Ceramics and Coatings
Electrical, Installations and Wiring
Electrical, Power Generation (Generators and Control Systems)
Electrical, Switches and Control Units
Electronics (Hardware and Software)
Engine Repair and Rebuilding
Fabrics, Glass and Rubber
Hydraulic Systems
Metal, Machining
Metal, Prime and Sintered
Metal, Fabrication and Processing
Metal, Alloys and Heat Treatment
Project Management
Plastics, Moulding, Extrusion and Vacuum Forming
Ship Repair
Structural Engineering (transportation, infrastructure, processing plants, buildings)

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