QUEXX Expertise


Expertise of QUEXX Consultants covers wide range of industries and technologies.


Quality Management Systems:

  • Development of Project-specific Quality Plans (Manual, Inspection and Test Plans, forms/checksheets, procedures, etc.)
  • Complete scope of Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities (Planning, Inspecting, Witnessing, Reporting, etc.)
  • Supplier/Subcontractor Management (Assessments, Development/Integration, Performance Monitoring and Improvement)
  • Performing function of Quality Manager/Representative
  • Performing function of Project Quality Auditor/Monitor
  • and more…


Construction Projects: (industrial, transportation, infrastructure, energy, communication, etc.)
Construction Materials: Fabrics, Glass, Rubber, Plastics, Foams, Composites, Ceramics and Coatings
Electrical: Installations, Wiring, Power Distribution, Switches and Control Units
Electrical: Power Generation (Generators and Control Systems)
Electronics: Computer Hardware and Software
Mechanical: Manufacturing, Installation, Testing, Commissioning
Mechanical: Manufacturing, Repair and Rebuilding of Engines
Medical Devices: heart implants, bone implants, drug eluting implantable devices, orthopedic and dental fillers, catheters and endometrial ablation devices
Metals: Forming, Machining, Fabrication
Metals: Mining and Processing of Prime Metals and Alloys
Plastics: Moulding, Extrusion and Vacuum Forming
Shipbuilding: Ship Construction and Repair
Structural Engineering (transportation, infrastructure, processing plants, buildings, tunnels, rail guideways and other transportation-related structures)

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