Training Guidelines

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Training Guidelines

1. Duration of the courses:
a.    Duration of the individual courses is based on a “net” lecturing time plus a provision
for discussion or questions.
b.    Multi-hour presentations can be subdivided into smaller segments delivered over an
agreed period of time.

2. Price:
    a. Price of the training is in Canadian Dollars (CAD)
b. Price of the courses is on “per person” basis, unless agreed otherwise.

3. Unless specifically agreed otherwise, the following costs are NOT included:
    – taxes (state, provincial, federal, sales, etc., as applicable).
– cost of the venue, beverages, refreshments, sandwiches, etc.
– cost of the required equipment (except equipment provided by Quexx).
– cost of travel, accommodation, travel-related taxes and fees, etc.
– cost of rented vehicle and related costs (insurance, fuel, etc.)

4. Contents of training can be “tailored” to suit your specific needs.
We may combine our courses to suit your requirements. Select any of the
training topics or request the new training program. We will provide you with no
obligation quotation at a competitive level.

5. Hard-copy handouts are provided for all Quexx courses and seminars.

6. Minimum four (4) weeks advance notice is required in most cases.
Please let us know, if you have different requirements.

7. Share and save.
Although our consulting fees are very competitive there is another way you can
make additional savings!  Simply find a companion who will share your interest; a friend
of yours, business associate or joint venture partner. We will respond with consulting program which will contain elements
shared between all participants, and these portions which will be unique and exclusive
to each company.  You will still receive our full attention, and your quality system will
be tailor-made to suit your specific needs.  Our offer will be even more competitive
and will reflect reduced costs of shared training, communication and consulting fees.

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