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5S – LEAN Workplace Order and Organization

5S defines not only what should be kept and where, but also how it should be stored and how to maintain the new workplace organization rules. Properly defined and implemented (with consensus with all involved) 5S guidelines engage employees through giving them the ownership of the workplace organization and related processes.


The name “5S” used for Japanese workplace organization methodologies comes from five words:

        (Sorting or Housekeeping) – Maintain only the essential items. Store or discard everything else.

     (Straightening or Workplace Organization) – arrange (tools, equipment, supplies) in order that follows the flow of work (i.e. what needed and when needed only, in a handy position) – a right place for everything and everything in the right place.

      (Sweeping, Shining, Cleaning or Cleanup) – keep the workplace continuously clean and neat. Maintaining cleanliness improves morale, makes better environment, prevents defects, improves safety, etc.

 (Standardizing) – Standardized work practices result in consistency, efficiency, reproducibility, maintain quality and set foundations for continuous improvement.

 (Sustaining or Discipline) – maintaining continuously all the above. Do not allow for deterioration of good practices, allow for changes resulting from continuous improvement only.

Note: some add additional elements to the key 5S  methodologies such as Western “safety” or Japanese “sukam” (habit). Both seem to increase emphasis and add extra focus to the philosophies defined above. 5S creates and maintains an organized, user-friendly workplace, with improved workplace morale, safety and efficiency.

Properly implemented 5S initiatives will:

  • examine your key processes and work environment
  • identify opportunities for improvement in organization of your workplace
  • develop an Action Plan to suit your environment and business objectives
  • train and motivate your personnel – deploy ownership of the 5S processes
  • identify suitable 5S techniques and methods of their implementation
  • encourage active participation in 5S initiatives and assist in their implementation
  • identify and evaluate measurable, bottom-line improvements
  • support effective CAPA activities aligned with the principles of Continuous Improvement

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