LEAN+: C. Improvement



LEAN+: Continuous Improvement

Kaizen, a Japanese word meaning “change for the better” or “improvement” (the English translation is “continuous improvement” or “continual improvement”) is the cornerstone of the Toyota Production System (TPS).


Kaizen focuses at the restless elimination of waste (defined as “…any activity that adds cost but do not add value”) through various improvement techniques. These techniques include organization of the workplace (5S), “pull” processes (kanban), process improvement, suggestion schemes, standardized work, and other management techniques aiming at improved efficiency and effectiveness of every-day operations. Kaizen activities embrace activities which shape and, eventually, dominate the “culture” of organization, promote positive and permanent behavioural changes and involve people at all levels.

Our comprehensive introduction to Continuous Improvement will:
– review proven Continuous Improvement techniques
– discuss examples of key processes and related opportunities for improvement
– explain proper investigation of quality problems and their effective countermeasures
– present the contents of “Continuous Improvement Toolbox”
– help to select the tools  suitable for your needs and work environment
– stimulate creative thinking and problem solving
– explore elements of typical CI Action Pan and the role of  pilot programs
– give examples of related procedures, forms, guidelines, etc.
– introduce proper data collection and analysis
– promote properly structured and effective CAPA’s
– lead to the meaningful and measurable bottom-line improvements

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