Toyota Prod’n System

Toyota Production System (TPS)

Toyota Production System (TPS) follows the principle that use of human or material resources, for any purpose other than the adding of value for the product/service is a form of waste which should be eliminated.

TPS is focused on an continual improvement of all those elements which may result in an unsatisfactory performance. Through careful analysis of processes, identification and separation of “value-added” from “non-value-added” activities, elimination of waste at all incremental stages of product/service processing and streamlining of the process flow, the throughput of processes is maximized and the quality of delivered products and services improve. Various forms of “muda” (“waste”) such as unnecessary movement and/or transportation of goods and personnel, idling of personnel, handling damage, poor quality, process unevenness, etc., are identified and eliminated or optimized.

LEAN techniques address the 7 (seven) types of “muda” (or “waste”):
– Muda of Correction – rework of produced goods, fixing of mistakes
– Muda of Overinventory – overstocking at any stage of processing, waiting for the next process
Muda of Overproduction – production of too much or too early
Muda of Waiting – People are idle, waiting for something
Muda of Motion – Unnecessary movement/action of personnel
Muda of Conveyance/ Transportation – Non-productive transfer of goods during processing
Muda of Processing – unnecessary processes that don’t add value to the product or service

The above forms of waste not only do not add value to the products and services but may result in waste of human talent, irreversible loss of enthusiasm and damage permanently the morale of personnel.

Quexx LEAN+ program offers training, consulting and implementation support for these elements of Toyota Production System which were carefully selected from our Quality Management “toolbox” and customized to address your specific needs, business circumstances and work environment. Our consultants have extensive experience in introduction of LEAN techniques. Our consultants were trained by Toyota Motor Corporation and have hands-on experience in introducing efficient and effective methodologies of TPS.

We will:
– Deliver comprehensive training suitable for all levels of your personnel
– Analyze your processes and identify common forms of waste which does not add value to the products and services
– Discuss the examples of waste  such as Reject, Correction, Overinventory, Overproduction, Waiting, Idling or Unnecessary Motion, Excessive Conveyance/ Transportation and Processing, and more.
– Suggest the most suitable corrective and preventive actions, and contribute to their effective implementation
– Consider further improvements through potential introduction of “LEAN” Techniques such as Continuous Improvement, Visual Communication, Just-In-Time, Error-proofing, Autonomation, Production Leveling, Effective Reporting, Go-and-See Management, and more…

Quexx International Ltd. consultants are dedicated to providing you with exceptional quality services. Extensive experience and expertise of our consultants offers training and consulting services tailored to suit your needs and your unique work environment. QUEXX consultants were trained by Toyota Motor Corporation, a World leader in Continuous Improvement and have hands-on experience in implementing LEAN techniques of Toyota Production System.

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