“LEAN” (also “Lean Manufacturing” or “Lean Production”) is defined as a production practice that follows the principle that use of resources, both human or material, for any purpose other than the adding of value for the product/service is a form of waste which should be eliminated.

LEAN techniques separate “value-added” from “non-value-added” activities, eliminate waste and optimize process flow, maximizing its throughput and on never-ending and continual improvement of those elements which may result in poor performance of the company.

Our consultants were trained by Toyota Motor Corporation and have extensive hands-on experience in introducing efficient and effective LEAN methodologies of TPS.

Quexx LEAN+ program offers training in all key elements of Toyota Production and other effective and efficient management techniques from our Total Quality Management “toolbox”.

We will:
– Customize our training to suit your specific needs, work practices and work environment
– Deliver comprehensive training suitable for all levels of your personnel
– Identify common forms of waste which does not add value to the products and services
– Discuss the examples of waste (or “muda”) such as Muda of Correction, Overinventory, Overproduction, Waiting, Motion, Conveyance/ Transportation and Processing.
– Review attributes of techniques in the “LEAN Techniques Toolbox” such as Continuous Improvement (Kaizen), Visual Communication (Andon), Just-In-Time (Kanban), Error-proofing ((Poka-Yoke), Autonomation (Jidoka), Production Leveling (Heijunka), 1-Page Reports (Tataki-dDai), Go-and-See Management (Gemba), and more…
– Present examples of corporate strategies, practical solutions and methods
– Promote integration of LEAN Techniques with all aspects of your operations

Quexx International Ltd. consultants are dedicated to providing you with exceptional quality services. Extensive experience and expertise of our consultants offers training and consulting services tailored to suit your needs and your unique work environment. QUEXX consultants were trained by Toyota Motor Corporation, a World leader in Continuous Improvement and have hands-on experience in implementing LEAN techniques.

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