Supplier Quality

SQA – Supplier / Sub-contractor Quality Assurance (SQA) is a part of Quality Assurance activities which define and implement systematic methodologies for establishing, monitoring and evaluation of the various aspects of supplier quality performance. SQA activities include an array of precautionary steps taken to ensure the quality of raw materials, assemblies, products and components; suitability of processes related to their production, inspection, packaging, identification and delivery, Quality Management Systems and pertinent documentation and records.



Typical Supplier Quality Assurance process has the following key elements:
– definition of the product quality requirements, their verification and validation
– criteria of supplier acceptance and supplier performance rating
– evaluation of alternative suppliers (dual-sourcing policy is the recommend)
– qualification, certification and selection of the “approved suppliers” / “preferred suppliers”
– quality planning and quality improvement initiatives
– supplier-customer integration
– strategic partnering with suppliers – shared technical expertise, business development and assistance, financing and JV activities, etc.


We will assist you with the most effective solutions from our “SQA Toolbox”, and:

  • Implement comprehensive Supplier Quality Assurance policy, supporting procedures and systems
  • Develop Supplier Chain policies and procedures, and explore synergies with key suppliers
  • Design and Implement standards and specifications
  • Define criteria and performance objectives for Supplier Quality Assurance purposes
  • Introduce ongoing supplier assessments and supplier performance monitoring systems including process & product audits, source inspections, Continuous Improvement initiatives, etc.
  • Integrate key supplier logistics with your systems to allow for the transparency of scheduling, alignment of manufacturing and delivery, and capturing and reporting of associated data
  • Expedite real-time effective CAPA requests and alert systems, including ongoing reporting to the management and to the regulatory bodies, where applicable
  • Introduce Quality Engineering and Supplier Engineering to the New Product Development
  • Define QA Plans and Product Qualifications criteria and related methodologies
  • Implement integrated standards for Supplier Quality Performance, including metrics and processes which will reflect unique attributes of your global operations, where applicable
  • Evaluate QA and QC methodologies such as receiving, in-process and final inspection, raw material certification, product alert, return and recall procedures, product traceability, etc.
  • Investigate, identify and implement the most suitable LEAN techniques customized to fit your unique profile, environment, expectations and continuous improvement objectives


Extensive experience and expertise of Quexx consultants will help you to define and introduce most suitable and proven quality assurance practices and methods. When new initiatives and improvements are required and the deadlines are tight, the availability of qualified temporary resources and the advice of experienced consultants represent the most effective solutions. Quexx consultants have the knowledge and experience needed to facilitate Quality Management Systems (QMS) compliant with the most demanding regulatory requirements. We also specialize in auditing of Quality Management Systems, writing of procedures and work instructions, preparation of Quality Plans, quality improvement activities and various LEAN management techniques based on TPS – Toyota Production System such as CI – Continuous Improvement (Kaizen), 5S – Total Environment, A3 – One-Page Report (Tataki-Dai), QFD – Quality Function Deployment, MBP – Management by Policy (Hoshin-Kanri), APQP – Advance Product Quality Planning, PPAP – Production Part Approval Process, and other.

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