LEAN+: A3 1-page Report

Tatakidai (叩き台), also spelled as Tataki-Dai, means “Beating Board” or “Chopping Block” or “Talking Paper”. Western versions of Tatakidai often called “A3 Problem-solving Report”, “1-page Summary” or “1-page Report”.

A3 is a well-proven communication tool most effectively used to secure “buy-in” of attendees during discussion of proposed new initiatives, reporting of complex investigations, review of business trends and/or performance, consideration of new directions and strategies, decision-making in regard to experienced problems and their countermeasures, etc. in a manner that is informative and invites the collaboration of all involved parties to the formulation of desired final outcomes.

A3 is often proceeded by extensive research, investigation and one-to-one lobbying between interested parties, giving the recipients an opportunity to familiarize, criticize and contribute in a meaningful and constructive way before the idea is presented for final approval and action.

A3 information has structured format which serves the above purpose. The supporting documents may be allowed as an attachment. Although the presented idea is usually contained on one page, the size of this page may be quite liberal. Some Japanese companies (i.e. Toyota, Nissan) actually developed blank Tatakidai forms (in A3 metric paper size, hence the name. A3=2xA4, where A4 is close to the “letter” size), lined and with defined fields which dictate the overall layout of the report, and allow only limited flexibility in the design of each Tatakidai document.

During Quexx training we will discuss typical A3 structure and its variants, including optional background information, historical data, consideration for “pros” and “againsts”, risk analysis, business predictions/forecasts, strategized actions and their outcomes, recommendations, implementation and follow-up plans, etc.

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