QUEXX Consulting

    • 25+ years of management consulting
    • extensive professional experience
    • hands-on senior executives and managers
    • international exposure and expertise
    • professional, comprehensive and affordable services


Quexx consultants have extensive professional experience.


We provide training and consulting services in Quality Management, Quality Assurance and Quality Control to the organizations ranging from the underfinanced small start-ups to the wealthy, multi-plant corporations.

We provide major DBA Contractors with simple but effective Quality Management Systems in compliance with their contractual obligations, and guide their subcontractors in support to these projects. Memberships and qualifications of Quexx personnel are recognized by the world-class professional organizations.

Where required, our consultants will assist you:
– preparing an outline of the Quality Management, Quality Assurance and Quality Control activities required by the bidding process
– designing, implementing, maintaining and ongoing compliance of Quality Management System with project-specific contractual requirements
– reviewing and defining quality requirements and quality acceptance criteria
– preparing Quality Manual, quality procedures and forms,  Inspection and Test Plans, Work Methods and related records
– controlling of Quality Management System documents and records
– familiarizing your personnel with Quality Management, Quality Assurance and Quality Control techniques selected to suit your specific needs
– conducting Quality Control activities (inspection at receiving, in-process and final stages)
– Auditing (Internal Audits, Quality Audits)
– assessing and monitoring performance of sub-contractors and suppliers
– guiding to formal certification of ISO 9001-compliant Quality Management System
– training of your personnel and implementing LEAN management methodologies
– and more…

Quexx International Ltd. consultants are dedicated to providing you with exceptional quality services. Extensive experience and expertise of our consultants offers training and consulting services tailored to suit your needs and your unique work environment. QUEXX consultants were trained by Toyota Motor Corporation, a World leader in Continuous Improvement and have hands-on experience in implementing LEAN techniques of Toyota Production System.